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De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek – The Brewery

We strive to attract the best international talent in the legal market: talent that will thrive where diversity of thinking is key.

With more than 33 different languages spoken within the office, and with our global mindset, since 2015, The Brewery has been an unrivalled opportunity for international graduates to launch their legal career at De Brauw.

What can you expect
Opportunity and guidance, every step of the way.

The Opportunity

The Brewery welcomes a new group of international associates twice a year, in February and August.

This one-of-a kind training programme for international lawyers is an unrivalled opportunity to learn ‘on the job’. We are the only firm that have such an unique training programme for international associates. You will have your own clients, and extensive theory and practical tuition under the supportive guidance of senior associate mentors.

Your guidance

Our mentors have recently walked in your shoes, they know what will help. They step aside from practice for a short period to champion you to get the best out of the programme, and out of yourself.

The Brewery supervisers are experienced international lawyers who have been in your shoes and will guide you every step of the way.

Our Brewery associates form strong bonds with their intake peers. From this group, your network across the firm grows as, after six months, you move on to a position within one of our Litigation or Corporate practice groups.

Your Development

The Brewery comprises many different courses which will develop your legal, professional and personal skills, from litigating and presenting, negotiating and entrepreneurship, through to communication and leadership.

You will also participate in our ‘Inside Out’ programme, co-created with The School of Life. This personal development course will enrich and support your development focusing on the four pillars of Me, Culture, Society and Relationships.

As an international associate, you will get the opportunity to follow specific courses to get acquainted with the Dutch culture (and even the Dutch language, if you wanted to learn).

How to apply
If you are ready to apply your ability, have fun and grow – be sure to upload all of the following documents in PDF via our application portal:

  • A letter of motivation (maximum one side of A4) in English;
  • Your Curriculum Vitae (maximum two sides of A4) in English;
  • Complete transcripts of all results to include your high school, Bachelor and Master’s results (please note your GPA after your Bachelors and Master’s);
  • Evaluation report(s) from all previous internships;
  • Your theses or any papers written during your Master’s programme; and
  • A reference letter – if applicable.

The next steps
The application deadline is 1 April 2022 on 09:00 CET. Please make sure that you upload all your documents. We will not review your documentation if it’s not complete.

Stage 1: Assessments
All applicants will receive an invitation to our assessments (Watson Glaser & Selection Lab) on 1 April 2022. We kindly ask you to complete the assessment on 8 April 2022 at 09:00 CET at the latest. We strongly advise you to do the practice test before starting the actual assessment.

Stage 2: English intake (assessing motivation and English skills)
The hiring committee will make the selection after we have received all the assessment results combined with your application documents. If you pass this selection, you will be invited for the English intake and first round of interviews on 11 April 2022.

(Please note that this English intakes will be on 13 April 2022).

Stage 3: Interviews by partners (round 1)(via Zoom)
If you pass the English intake, you will be invited for the first round of interviews with partners. This will be two one-to-one interviews with partners from different practice groups.

* You are only invited for the first round of interviews if you pass the English intake. If you don’t pass the English intake, we will inform you and your applications process ends here.

** Please let us know your availability on 12 April for the period between 19 April – 29 April to schedule the interview. It would be great if you can be as flexible as possible during this period (Babar.Lasi@debrauw.com).

Stage 4: Interviews by partners (round 2)(in the Amsterdam office)
On 2 May 2022 (at the latest), we will let you know if you passed the first round of interviews. If so, you will be invited for the second round of interviews. This round has the same set up as the first round of interviews (two one-to-one interviews with a partner).

* Please let us know your availability on 2 May for the period between 9 May – 13 May, so we can schedule your interviews. Again, it would be great if you can be flexible as possible during this period (Babar.Lasi@debrauw.com).

Stage 5: Final Selection
On 16 May 2022 (a the latest) we will let you know if you will receive an offer to join us.

The Brewery Q&A

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